Tube-It with The Tube Smart Ashtray - the Original Cigarette Saver / Snub / Case!

Tube-it with the tube. Don't settle for cheap copies. Get the original cigarette saver - the only patented cigarette saver on the market. Constructed of 100% lightweight metal, the brass finish provides a cool exterior. Designed to extinguish smokables within seconds, it protects partially smoked cigarettes for future use while keeping them fresh from bad taste and odor. Extremely small size and weight allows for maximum discretion, with a pen-clip attachment built in to allow tucking away in pockets, purses, jackets, and even desks. The tube helps you save money by cutting back on the number of cigarettes smoked, save the environment by preventing improperly disposed butts and potential fire hazards, and scale back or quit your habit gradually over time. Tube-it and save it. Get multiple to keep in your home, car, and workspace.

  • Helps reduce litter, wasted cigarettes, and fire hazards
  • Safely extinguishes and snubs smokables within seconds - tube it and save it
  • Case made of high-quality lightweight metal for durability and protection
  • Lightweight and small for easy storage and portability
  • Helps you save money while helping you quit
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